About Us

Favillaworld is the new worldwide comparator of equity crowdfunding and all the online projects hosted by them.
It analyzes and compares more than 100 worldwide platforms applying an advanced engine for big data analytics that live updates the information. Favillaworld provides users with an engine, graphics, reports easy to consult, that allow to find out the most appropriate investments and platforms.
Today the investor and the entrepreneurs are “forced” to visit each individual platform in order to analyze, assess, and decide.
Favillaworld is the first “one stop shop” for equity crowdfunding that simplifies and customizes the knowledge and the investigation process.
The platform aims at bringing down geographical barriers and backwardness in funding, giving users a tool that is easy to apply, and of extraordinary vision and versatility. It promotes the comparative, informed, and simplified choice supporting the aggregation as an added value for everybody, and the funding as a resource to be cultivated and refined.
The project started from a partnership that has been operating for years in the world of art, finance, and law.
Favillaworld cooperates with foreign data management, processing companies, and corporations dedicated to investment. All this together with resources motivated to a simple and direct communication of financial matters, make Favilla a unique project, and the first for its goals of simplifying the processes.